About Us

Tushyati Maudgalya

  • Over 17 years of professional experience across big & small manufacturing/industrial tech
  • Functional expertise across operations, strategy, digital manufacturing (IoT, Industry 4.0) & entrepreneurship
  • Ex Siemens, McKinsey, Apple, BCG
  • PhD in Industrial Engineering (University of Cincinnati); MBA in Operations & Finance (Wharton School | UPenn); MS in Mechanical Engineering (Ohio University)

Raja Krishnamoorthy

  • Over 15 years of professional experience across Engineering, manufacturing, and government contracting
  • Founded Custom Software development firm in 2013 to serve government and commercial sectors delivering over a dozen products
  • Ex Harris Corp (now L3Harris), Unicom Global, GTSI, & DataNet
  • MS and BS in Aerospace Engineering (Univ of Maryland) | Smart Materials research for Industrial applications

Rajesh Kesavan

  • Over 20+ years of experience in Healthcare IT, Artificial Neural networks, Speech Recognition and other Custom software
  • Extensive experience in hardware/software interfaces for IoT devices in the manufacturing/industrial sector
  • BTech Computer Science and Computer Engineering
  • Intimate knowledge of Data Architecture, Database Design, Algorithms, and Data Analytics
  • Successful exit selling Healthcare IT product with IoT integration